Meat cutting & Culinary Orientation: Awesome!

Going to orientation we all went to the lab where our first class would be on Tuesday. I have Meat Cutting with Chef Lazar, a Brooklyner now in Miami. He is going to be my advisor for the year and will be able to teach me a Lot!

I let him know my dreams,”I want to be a rock star!”    “I want to create community through food!”     “I want to be paid a lot of money!!”

He said I should get a job on a yacht. A friend of his down here makes $120k a year on a yacht. Higher ceilings and pay! He says he can help me get a job in a butcher shop or on a yacht.

He coaches the ICA team locally and did a little double-take when I said, “I want to compete at the Culinary Olympics!” You have got to Aim higher than you think you can reach, otherwise why bother playing.

On my way to class, at least 3 freshman called me “Chef” and asked me “what class (I was) teaching?” I was dressed the same as them, I just carried myself with the air of authority. In a uniform it is hard not to act the part. I did. Apparently too well. :)I let them ask questions until I let them in on it.


About seraphicook

I'm a 1st year culinary student and a home chef of 10 years. I plan to record what I am learning and share it with you..!
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