Easy Sanitation for Wood surfaces

Lots of people are starting to use both butcher blocks and all wood counter tops. Cleaning a cutting board is as easy as sink time, but how do you clean a wooden counter top, without bleach, while still killing all the bacteria? Salt. And a little know how…

  1. Start by scrubbing your wood with soap and water in circular strokes, making sure to get everywhere.
  2. Using a block scraper, squeegee the suds off into a garbage can.
  3. Spray entire surface with white vinegar and allow to air dry. If no time, wait 5 minutes and scrape excess with block scraper.
  4. Liberally pour Kosher salt onto entire work surface, spread evenly and allow to dry. Preferably overnight.

Both vinegar and salt create a hostile environment to bacteria, who need both a stable pH (vinegar) and moisture (salt) to grow and thrive. Both of these help create a safer work area.


About seraphicook

I'm a 1st year culinary student and a home chef of 10 years. I plan to record what I am learning and share it with you..!
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