Tucking a Chicken

In this case via Rotisserie


Properly tucked & cooked

Tired of working hard to cook a chicken in the oven or on the grill only to have it come out all splayed like it had a seizure in the oven? Tired of the wings and legs being overcooked and dried out while the breast is still under cooked? Tucking a chicken brings the legs in close to maintain the moisture and make it table ready.

Here’s how to do it!

  1. Start with a washed and patted dry chicken.
  2. Push legs down & forward to expand pelvis.                                     
  3. Cut hole in right side, 1 inch from edge.                                           
  4. Push left leg through hole.                                                                                          
  5. Tuck right leg under left leg.                                                        
  6. Fold wing tips behind wings, like crossing your hands behind your back.
  7. And you’re finished and ready to cook! (remember to get 165 in the thigh)

Watch the Video!

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Tips for cooking Vegetables

When cooking vegetables an easy tip for remembering the water temperature is:

Were they grown above ground or below? If they were grown above ground (broccoli, green beans, kale, etc) in the warmth of the sun needs to go into hot water.

If it was grown below ground (carrots, potatoes, garden gnomes) in the cool earth, then it needs to be cooked in cold water or at least started in cold water.

Fun Fact about Cooking Potatoes in water: If you put them into hot water, the heat will cauterize all the starch by the openings on the surfaces and they will be gummy and unpalatable.

Interestingly, these potatoes can be dangerous to diabetics because the sugars normally released in cooking remain trapped inside.

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High Fructose Corn Syrup

Check out this great Presentation I made on High-Fructose Corn Syrup!

I used a site called, Prezi.com to make it, if you want to update your powerpoint and still look Fabulous, this is the site for you!

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Easy Sanitation for Wood surfaces

Lots of people are starting to use both butcher blocks and all wood counter tops. Cleaning a cutting board is as easy as sink time, but how do you clean a wooden counter top, without bleach, while still killing all the bacteria? Salt. And a little know how…

  1. Start by scrubbing your wood with soap and water in circular strokes, making sure to get everywhere.
  2. Using a block scraper, squeegee the suds off into a garbage can.
  3. Spray entire surface with white vinegar and allow to air dry. If no time, wait 5 minutes and scrape excess with block scraper.
  4. Liberally pour Kosher salt onto entire work surface, spread evenly and allow to dry. Preferably overnight.

Both vinegar and salt create a hostile environment to bacteria, who need both a stable pH (vinegar) and moisture (salt) to grow and thrive. Both of these help create a safer work area.

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Tip for cleaning a chef coat

Use a degreaser like “Grease Lightning” to get out stubborn stains, when ordinary dish soap just won’t do. Spray it on the spot and scrub with a brush, rinse and hang to dry. Iron, and you’re ready to cook!

Using Bleach on the poly-cotton coats discolors them, for reasons unknown. Degreaser does the trick every time!

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Meat cutting & Culinary Orientation: Awesome!

Going to orientation we all went to the lab where our first class would be on Tuesday. I have Meat Cutting with Chef Lazar, a Brooklyner now in Miami. He is going to be my advisor for the year and will be able to teach me a Lot!

I let him know my dreams,”I want to be a rock star!”    “I want to create community through food!”     “I want to be paid a lot of money!!”

He said I should get a job on a yacht. A friend of his down here makes $120k a year on a yacht. Higher ceilings and pay! He says he can help me get a job in a butcher shop or on a yacht.

He coaches the ICA team locally and did a little double-take when I said, “I want to compete at the Culinary Olympics!” You have got to Aim higher than you think you can reach, otherwise why bother playing.

On my way to class, at least 3 freshman called me “Chef” and asked me “what class (I was) teaching?” I was dressed the same as them, I just carried myself with the air of authority. In a uniform it is hard not to act the part. I did. Apparently too well. :)I let them ask questions until I let them in on it.

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New school, uniforms and life

The grand adventure has begun. I am enrolled, uniformed and shaved and ready for Culinary orientation, tomorrow. I hope to share my culinary experience with you as a way to teach myself and teach you. First class this week is Meat Cutting!

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